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Yes if you haven't guessed it I grew up in Lockport, to be exact 705 Market St. (the image with the birds and my name, really my father's name since I was not born yet when he had that made to hang on our front door) I still call it home even though it's been probably 30 years since I left. I've been encouraged by my teachers from De Witt Clinton to North Park, to LSHS to go into the creative field... not sure that as the best of advice :) 

I went back to Lockport last year 2019, it was so nice to see people I haven't seen for so long, still friends, conversations came easy! I miss home, I miss the people, my friends and I hope to return each year from now on. 

So back in Phoenix where I live during the crazy heat I thought about the beautiful summers and fall back in Lockport so I decided to create a series of 12 illustrations that I call "What Makes Lockport, Lockport". I picked areas that resonated to me when I was young, it brought great joy to me to do this project and generated lots of conversation on FB!

The style I call "Modern Designed Illustration", I create all of these drawings on my computer, this is Vector Art, which is drawing with shapes, not like Raster which you see with PhotoShop. All of these need to be hand drawn just not using the traditional method but using my computer, I've been drawing with this technique for probably 30 years, one of these days I'll get good at it :)

Feel free to browse thru, I add new art from time to time, feel free to email me with questions, comments, anything... ENJOY




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